Mercedes-Benz Trucks: Tradition and Progress of Trust

Mercedes-Benz Trucks: Tradition and Progress of Trust

What is the origin of trust? According to dictionaries, it is the belief in honest, fair, and reliable properties that somebody or something has. According to Mercedes-Benz and their slogan “Trucks you can trust”, this is the promise that was given more than 100 years ago and has never been broken since then.

It all started in 1896, when Gottlieb Daimler, a co-founder of the Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft, decided the future of goods transport by delivering the world’s first truck. The truck was basically a motorized cart, equipped with a 2-cylinder “Phoenix” engine built into the rear end. The engine unit generated 4 hp from a capacity of 1.1 liters and provided the power for 1500 kg of payload.

In 1923 another German automobile engineer, Karl Benz, designed a 4-cylinder diesel truck engine. His company, Benz & Cie, was the first to launch series production of diesel motors for commercial vehicles. Soon after in 1926 Daimler and Benz merged their companies to produce automobiles, motor vehicles and internal combustion engines. All the machines, including trucks, started to bear the Mercedes-Benz name and carry the 3-pointed star emblem. Meanwhile, all the diesel engines that were working on low-grade fuel, achieved the “OM” index, which stands for “olmotor”, meaning oil engine.

The production rates experienced a gradual rise in the post-war era. Initially, the brand offered an impressive lineup of the L- and N-series trucks. Then, in 1970s the cab-over-engine versions replaced the conventional ones, when Mercedes-Benz introduced its NG (New Generation) truck range. After a decade it was succeeded by the new SK (heavy-duty) models. Since the mid 90s the company has started to give special names to all of its vehicle series.

The popular Actros

The top-selling long-distance segment is now represented by the Actros trucks. The new generation model range excites with the variants of vehicle configurations and cab versions, as well as diversified options of driveline and productive safety features. All in all, it provides a cost-effective approach for more tailored solutions.

Offering every possible comfort inside the cab the manufacturer is guided by the driver’s satisfaction rather than by luxury. The prime concern is that a more relaxed driver is a safer driver.

The Actros is available with a choice of 4 engine displacements and 16 power ratings that produce from 238 hp to 625 hp. As promised by the brand, each engine unit is designed to deliver maximums of fuel efficiency, torque and driveability and minimums of noise and emissions. Apart from saving on fuel, the engines are empowered to reduce AdBlue consumption and total maintenance costs.

The technology that backs up the performance of the Actros truck includes 4 groups of systems: Braking, Assistant, Safety and Economy.

The company’s promise of unsurpassed reliability results in long-life operation, testified by dealers and customers who entrust their business to Mercedes-Benz Actros trucks. It’s common knowledge that this is one of the leading offers in the range of heavy-duty trucks on second-hand markets.

The productive Antos

Heavy-duty distribution is the task area for the Antos trucks. This offer is developed specifically for delivery work from 18 t upwards. The range of applications covers grocery transportation, tanker or dry-bulk haulage, as well as retail supply services. In addition to all the efficiency- and safety-boosting features from the Actros lineup, the distribution model variants are equipped according to payload-sensitive and volume-oriented haulage requirements.

The efficient Atego

The Atego truck models represent the light and medium duty solutions for distribution and construction applications. Its payload variations range from 6.5 t to 16 t. The Atego engine offering comprises 2 engine displacements and 7 power ratings, generating from 156 hp to 299 hp.

The profit in both distribution and construction spheres particularly depend on operational efficiency. For this reason, all the trucks in the line feature a single entry step, providing easy entrance. Moreover, urban and inter-urban distribution can benefit from simplified cross cab access via special displacement of the manual gearshift (on the dashboard). With regard to construction operations, the efficiency is enlarged with crew cab options and all wheel drive models.

The robust Arocs

But when it comes to really tough construction work, then Mercedes-Benz offers to trust its special vehicles in the Arocs model range. To ensure the hardest tasks, the designers created a fully galvanised cab, reinforced further with the flexible high strength frame. Besides, the creators claim that this is done without compromising on economy, as they managed to combine high payloads and outstanding reliability with the lowest running costs possible.

The flexible Econic

Whether used for inner city distribution and airside duties or in tight rural locations, as a refuse collection or as a fire appliance, the Econic truck presents outstanding manoeuvrability and visibility. The low entry cab serves for fast, efficient and safe entry/exit to facilitate labour-intensive operations, while the panoramic windows guarantee unrivalled visibility to the front and sides. There are 2 diesel power units available (with the output of 299 hp or 354 hp), responsible for clean operation.

Generally speaking, all the Mercedes-Benz’s models prove the company’s slogan concerning trust and the slogan in turn penetrates all the company’s projects.