Renting a Car in Christchurch

Renting a Car in Christchurch

With a very evident English influence, the first thing that you will notice as soon as your enter Christchurch is its relative lack of a multi-cultural environment vis-a-vis other cities of Auckland and Wellington in New Zealand.

The punts gliding down the lazy river of Avon are reminiscent of the city’s English past. Yet, with a flavor of cosmopolitanism and the increasing immigration puts the city on the cusp of diversity, making it a preferred haunt for travelers visiting New Zealand.

Since the city is mainly flat, opting for a car rental in Christchurch is a preferred way to navigate within the city. Driving around in this city is generally very simple because of its systematic layout in the form of grids. If you have opted for a car rental in Christchurch, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the one way streets and the intersections in the centre of the city that are dedicated to public transport only. With ample pay and park spots, driving around is the best way to dissect the streets of this city and seep in as much of the Kiwi environment and culture.

Benefits of a Car Rental in Christchurch
Even through the city has a very established public bus service which pretty much covers the entire city, including popular tourist areas and spots such as the Gondola, Lyttelton, the New Brighton Beaches, and Sumner; renting a car is recommended for easy transport and flexibility. Renting a car is especially advantageous to get to areas where buses don’t go frequently and on weekends, where then are only one or two buses running every hour.

Places to Visit in Christchurch
While you are driving around Christchurch, New Zealand, make sure you make a stopover at some of the following famous attractions of the city –

  • The Arts Centre – Home to some exquisite Gothic stonework, this centre once used to be a University Campus. Unfortunately, this area was affected by the earthquake that struck the city in February 2011.
  • The Air Force Museum – This museum houses life-size replicas of fighting plans and consists of fascinating performances which highlight the history of the country’s Air Force.
  • The Botanic Gardens -This area consists of 30 hectares of exotic and fascinating plants and trees which hug the exquisite Avon River. When combined with the 160 hectare Hagley Park that it conjoins; it makes for the second largest inner city park in the world.

Also visit the Canterbury Museum, Ferrymead Heritage Park, and the International Antarctic Centre while you are in the city. Consider a car rental in Christchurch for a magnificent experience in the land of the Kiwis. Driving within the city, as well as through the surrounding country side, holds a promise of new breathtaking surprises at every turn and curve that you take.