Essential Tips For Purchasing A Reliable Cheap Used Car

Essential Tips For Purchasing A Reliable Cheap Used Car

When buying a car, even a cheap used one, you want to be sure to bring home a vehicle that is going to last a while so that you get your money’s worth out of it. There are several tips you should follow when purchasing a reliable cheap used car.

Determine Which Vehicle Is Right for You

The first thing you should do is determine the best type of vehicle for your needs. If you are primarily using your vehicle to commute back and forth to work in, then look at smaller models that get great gas mileage. If you need to drive to work, but you will also need to carry around the whole family frequently, you may want to consider a mid-sized SUV or minivan to find one that will accommodate everyone comfortably and still get decent gas mileage. If you need a larger vehicle but prefer cars, search for family sedans to see what is available.

Do Your Research

Once you have determined the type of vehicle you need, do some research on various makes and models of the class of vehicle you’ve chosen. Sites like Edmunds and KBB give information on the pros and cons of the vehicle, and they often include comparison information for similar vehicles. Other important information you will get from these sites is the current retail value of the car. This is essential because it gives you an accurate idea of what you will pay for the car you’ve chosen. Cars that are priced higher than retail value aren’t a good deal, obviously, but you should be wary of cars priced considerably lower than retail value as well.

Find a Car

If you’re looking for a cheap, used car, you may not find what you want on a dealer’s lot. Fortunately, the internet makes it easy to shop for used cars. You can check online classified ads in your local newspaper, search on, or search on eBay Motors. Be sure to limit your search to cars that are located close by so that you can check them out thoroughly before agreeing to buy one. A great deal on a car located several states away may turn out to be a scam if you buy it sight unseen.

View the Car

However you locate the car, arrange a meeting with the owner so that you can examine the car. An honest seller should have no problem allowing you to check out the car thoroughly before you agree to buy it. Before you go to see the car, make sure you get the VIN from the owner so that you can check the vehicle history report for the car. Although there is no guarantee that all accidents and damage have been reported, getting the report does increase your odds of bringing home a decent car. If you are not mechanically inclined, take someone with you who is to examine the car and look for signs of potential trouble. Also, talk to the owner about the vehicle’s history to see how what the owner says compares to the history report. If everything checks out, you can be reasonably assured of getting a reliable used car.