Styling Your Car With Flying Lady Hood Ornament

Styling Your Car With Flying Lady Hood Ornament

Your car is something that you treasure, and something you want to look good, because honestly, your car reflects who you are. This being said, you want your car to be tip-top shape. Why not add in a few extra accessories? You wouldn’t be reading this article if you were not considering styling your car with a flying lady hood ornament, right? When regarding these pieces of work, you start to realize: there are over one thousand different styles! Let’s show you just how many deviations and varieties there are! Below, we are going to look deeper into styling your car with flying lady hood ornament.

When choosing what ornamentation you want, you have to narrow it down to three things: the type, the era you want it from, and the color. If you are going for the more ‘fancy’ look, you could simply pick a gemmed accessory. The color of wings is also important, because if your car is a color that does not match with the decoration, it may look just a little odd. Of course, if that’s your style, go for it!

If you are going for a slightly different approach, say, gold plated? Then you should absolutely research in that alley. Gold may not be your thing, but it would definitely compliment any silver, white, or black cars immensely. Gold is dandy and all, but what if your just not a ‘gold’ person? Well, then, chrome is another choice! Not only does it match about any color in existence, but it also has a shining finish to it to top it off!

You might also want to consider the shape. Do you want your lady flying with angel wings, simple bird wings, no wings at all, or just simply gliding in the air? The variations are endless!

Finally, do you want the real thing, or a replica? Antiques cost a fortune, but owning one can bring a great amount of pride, and even more so when one is a rare. Replicas are more on the less expensive side, and can bring just about the same joy as an antique one could!

If you have decided on a replica winged flying lady, which style will you have installed on your ride? There are several color or finish variations of the modern day flying lady hood ornament nicknamed the hood bitch or home bred bitch; chrome wing with die-cast chrome body, gold wing with chrome body, gold body with chrome wings and gold wings with gold body. Besides the standard hood ornament, there is the illuminated flying lady hood ornament with color wings including amber, blue, green, purple and red.

Hood ornaments used to be purely for technical purposes: the radiator cap in the old days. It sat on top of the grille and served as a temperature taker of coolant fluid. When this became an art form, it began to ‘speak volumes’ about the owner.

Basically, it individualized your car. In the 1920s, 1930s, and the 1940s, these were popular and it created a healthy business. Chrome plate used to be unavailable and only silver and nickel plating was accessible.

Needless to say, styling your car with a flying lady hood ornament can be simplified into three straightforward categories: what plating would you like? What time period is most interesting? What color? Once you get this down, you are on your way to getting a beautiful new accessory for your car! Not to mention, this will make all your friends jealous, even if hood ornaments aren’t their thing. You have endless possibilities.