Costa Calida a Driving Adventure in Spain

Costa Calida a Driving Adventure in Spain

Seasoned travelers to Spain who are looking for a new adventure should consider a road trip. Costa Calida is a superb starting point and home base for a day trip by auto. There are few better ways to see the beauty of the Spanish coast up close and personal. From the majestic mountains, to the white sand beaches and sparkling blue-green Mediterranean Sea, the scenery is breathtaking.

Costa Calida, located in the Murcia region of Spain, is gaining popularity with tourists. Rivaling neighbor coastal regions, such as Costa Blanca and Costa Almeria, the area offers some competitive advantages. It lags behind its coastal neighbors in urban development. This means that accommodations (hotels, villa rentals, resorts, etc.) in this region are often cheaper.

Much of the region’s natural beauty has been preserved. Where development has occurred, the goal has been to build in harmony with nature. Much of the area’s commercial and residential design blends with the surrounding environment. Trees, beaches, and mountains have been left largely undisturbed. The result of this careful planning may be evident in a recent World Health Organization report.

WHO rated the province of Murcia the cleanest in Spain. The clean air is just one more boost for tourism along Costa Calida.

Tourists can start their Spanish holiday at any number of Costa Calida accommodations. Self-catered holidays are extremely popular in Spain. Choosing a rental villa, private residence-for-hire or other self-catered accommodation allows travelers freedom to determine their own schedules. Self-catering is also less expensive. This is a great option for holiday-makers who prefer to spend most of their time sightseeing.

For tourists who long for a pampered vacation, there are a number of all-inclusive resorts to choose from. Clubs and resorts offer recreational activities, superb cuisine and even entertainment for children.

Seeing the sights of Costa Calida by auto is relatively easy. Many local attractions are within a day’s drive or less from the region.

For foreign travelers visiting Spain for the first time, hiring a local driver may be a wise option. A local guide will be more familiar with driving laws and the idiosyncrasies of Spain’s highways. This is especially true for visitors from outside of Europe and the UK. Visitors who are unfamiliar with driving in Spain may have difficulty getting around. It may also require obtaining a special driver’s license.

Depending on where a tourist’s accommodations are, some cities also have excellent public transportation systems. The cost is usually fairly minimal. Taxi service is also reliable, but can get costly depending on travel distance. A better option may be to join up with a bus tour. Companies run regular bus trips to attractions and sites in areas surrounding Murcia and up and down Costa Calida.

Traveling by bus allows tourists to relax and not worry about driving. Guides are professional and knowledgeable about the areas they visit. It’s an excellent way to learn about the rich history of Spain while seeing the sights.

It’s well worth a visitor’s time to take a road trip even without making any major stops. The entire Costa Calida can be driven in just a few hours. The variety in terrain and the contrast between cities and villages makes driving in Spain an adventure worth taking.