A Brief History of Arnold Schwarzenegger

A Brief History of Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s climb to prominence characterizes a success story for those who migrated to the US. As a former action star and actor, he currently serves as governor of California. His style and personality has earned him praise as an international star and a place in the history. His Austrian accent allows many comedy cartoon characters to use his famous accent in their plays. As an epic in his ever famous Terminator movies, the media nicknamed him ‘Governator.’

The Beginning
Schwarzenegger was born in Graz, Austria on 30 July 1946. He was the second son of a police officer. He has been influenced by the moral upbringing of his parents which attributed to much of his success. He was brought up in a small village but he soon got agitated with his surroundings. Having an admiration for physical fitness from his early age, he adopted body building for a better life.

Bodybuilding Accomplishments
Schwarzenegger’s first success was during the time when he was a bodybuilder. His professional competition started when he won the Junior Mr. Europe contest at an age of 20 years and he was the youngest person to have this success. He went to America after this success.

Encourages by the success, he worked towards the goal prove himself the greatest bodybuilder of the world. From 1971 to 1975, he won the Mr. Olympia title. After retiring from professional bodybuilding, he filmed few advertisement promotions for muscle supplements and got interested in acting.

Acting Career
Schwarzenegger had a slow pace start in the film industry because of his accent and name which was difficult to pronounce. His breakthrough role was in 1982 film called Conan the Barbarian. His role resulted in his casting for other top action films. His films were symbolized to violence with funny situations and ne became the most successful star in the film business. He has appeared as a star in many movies, the most famous was the cyborg in the Terminator film series. The films broke records in the history of films which was amazingly successful.

Personal Life
Schwarzenegger holds a dual citizenship – Austrian and United States, also holds a BA in Business and International Economics from the University of Wisconsin. He is married to the niece of former president John F. Kennedy and they have four children.

Political Career
Schwarzenegger is elected as the 38th for governor of California, he ran for the governor against stressed governor Gray Davis in 2003 who was hammered by electricity and budget crisis. Schwarzenegger won and held the office as on 7th October 2003.

Schwarzenegger implemented many progressive policies as a governor. Some are the investments in state infrastructure and aggressive environmental policies. California also started the first complete after-school program during his term. He enthusiastically markets California commodities and technology.

His successes includes 29% growth of California’s Gross State Product, he also won for the second term in 2007. Schwarzenegger plans to run for a senate seat in future.