How to Make Money With Your Mac

How to Make Money With Your Mac

As a long-time Macintosh user, I’ve come to realize how easy computers make life for me. Yet, more important than that my Mac has become my major tool in creating an income for me.

When I got my first Mac, an SE 30, back in the 1980’s, I did what almost everyone does with a computer. I wrote letters. I created flyers. I made brochures. After the ‘Net took off, I used my Mac to get email, do research, and put up websites. But it wasn’t until I had written my first book, that I saw the true power that was simmering in my Mac.

It was necessity that caused me to write my first book. I had gotten a high-end printer that was on a support plan that forced me to print over 3000 pages a month. If I missed the mark and printed below 3000 pages, I had to pay 100 bucks a month.

Therefore, I wrote a 334 page manual for entertainers that I sold via the web. For months I was able to meet my printing goal on book sales alone. A light bulb went off in my head! What if I created an audio product and sold it online?

I got a headset and started to record a description of my entertainment career, show, and marketing tips for the performer. It only took me a couple of hours. I then placed an ad on a large auction site and made a sale.

More audios followed, along with more sales. Listen. Here’s a secret. Almost everyone has a book or audio CD inside them.

Maybe your grandmother taught you how to play Scrabble© better than anyone. Maybe you know how to make the best home-made pickles in the country.

Perhaps your dad showed you how to detail a car so that it looks showroom new. Everyone has something they know how to do very well. Or, at least, an interesting story to tell.

What’s so great about a Macintosh computer is that, right out of the box, you can record audio. You can use the built in mic, but for a richer sound, use a nice headset. Then it is just a simple matter to burn a disk and you’ve got a product. Stuck for an idea?

Bring a relative over to record their secret to that heavenly no-bake lemon cheese cake. Have your grandfather describe the best fishing holes at Table Rock lake. Have your sister describe the best way to live with five crazy cats. Maybe you’re the type that likes to work with photos and movies.

I learned early on with a Mac, you can make slide shows and DVDs almost effortlessly. (Well, with a little work!) So, you get some photos together. Find some royalty-free music. Make a slide show. Burn it to disk. You’ve made a DVD of a recent road trip.

How can you use this to make money on a Mac? What if you contacted some friends and told them you could create a tribute video of a family member? What if you told folks you could create a DVD of their vacation?

What if you went to a realtor and said you could take photos of a few of their homes and make a DVD for clients? What if you took photos around town and made a DVD for the Chamber of Commerce? What about a movie? With just a few ideas and a Mac, you can open the door to more cash.

Can it work for you? The best way to find out is to do a few of the projects mentioned here or just create a few more. You’ll get great practice using your Mac. And your bank account will love you for it.