Top 10 Electric Scooters

What caused the increase in popularity of electric scooters? In recent years, electric motor and battery technology has advanced tremendously. Today’s LEVs (Light Electric Vehicles) have clear advantages over fossil fuel powered vehicles in the areas of performance, ease of use and operating costs.

“Green is in” … a lot of people have become environmentally-friendly these days. You can say that it has now become trendy and chic to travel in these “green” modes of transportation.

Pollution free … Because electric vehicles run on batteries and do not burn fossil fuels as their main system of propulsion, they provide the opportunity to reduce your personal environmental impact and improve local air quality.

Quiet … There’s nothing better than cruising down the streets and the only thing you hear is the wind blowing in the air. Electric motors are quiet and give you an entirely different feeling when riding. Many gas-powered personal vehicles are louder than lawn-mowers. Quiet electric vehicles seem to glide down the road with ease and are welcomed in most communities.

Whatever your reason may be for choosing to purchase an electric scooter, I have compiled a list that you may find helpful in narrowing down your choices. In no particular order, the top 10 electric scooters are:

  1. Vectrix Maxi-Scooter VECTRIX is the acronym for: Vehicle, Electronic, Commuter, Transformation, Revolution, Innovation, X factor, and was started by a number of engineers. The big news here is the nickel metal hydride battery, because with any electric vehicle, it’s only as good as the battery inside. The V1 model ($11,000) is currently available in a two-wheeled scooter as opposed to the three-wheeled V3 model (which won’t be available until later this year and will be priced at $15,000). The V3 has two wheels mounted in the front for better handling and stability. Sophisticated design advancements of the sharp, striking Vectrix include a high-efficiency gearbox and drive train, aluminum construction for weight reduction and aerodynamic styling to reduce drag. A low center of gravity, stiff frame and even weight distribution provide superior handling. The Vectrix is virtually silent and highly efficient-a patented regenerative braking system redirects energy back into the Vectrix battery pack, which helps to extend its range by up to 12 percent. For consumers with urban commutes, Vectrix is both convenient and cost effective. The driver can stop and go with one hand by simply twisting the throttle back for acceleration and twisting it forward to slow down smoothly and safely. Fast acceleration and handling make it easy and safe to zip in and out of traffic. Plus, an onboard charger plugs in to any standard 110/220V electrical outlet to charge the battery pack in just two hours. Features of the Vectrix Maxi-Scooter include: – goes 0 to 50 mph in 6.8 seconds – top speed of 62 mph – range of 70 miles on a single charge We feel that the Vectrix electric scooter is the wave of the future and will revolutionize the electric scooter industry. Vectrix was named as one of MSN’s bikes of the year in 2007. Designed with looks in mind, the Vectrix is responsive, good-looking, reliable and fun to ride.
  2. Go-Ped ESR 750 The Go-Ped ESR family consists of the following models: ESR 750, ESR 750EX and ESR 750H. The Go-Ped ESR750 simply is in a class of its own and no scooter in the market comes close to its build quality, power, performance and stylish design. Its durability, reliability and impeccable performance without compromising on any details makes it one fo the top electric scooters. Not to mention it is an environmentally friendly alternative mode of transportation as well. The ESR750 is the most cutting edge, reliable and versatile electric scooter in the market today. The Go-Ped ESR750 EX is equipped with larger sealed lead acid batteries, which deliver a range increase of more than 50% over the standard ESR750 stock range and duration. The ESR750EX will provide users with an impressive 12+ mile range in Economy mode – a top speed of 12 mph – and up to an 8 mile range in Turbo Mode, which allows users to reach a top speed of 20 mph. It is ideal for Electric enthusiasts and scooterists looking for an electric scooter with an excellent range. In addition to it’s unmatched power, reliability and performance, it is compact and easy to carry. The Go-Ped ESR750H Hoverboard electric scooter is based on the highly regarded and award winning GoPed ESR750EX , but incorporating the amazing Cantilevered Independent Dynamic Linkless Indespension (C.I.D.L.I.) suspension system featured on their highly successful off road products such as the Trail Ripper and Riot mini motorcycle. This two wheeled sensation will quietly, efficiently and effortlessly move riders of up to 400 lbs above the ground with the sensation as if they were magically levitating on a cloud. The ESR750H Hoverboard offers 2.7″ of suspension travel in the front and 3.5″ of suspension travel in the rear. This hover system is adjustable from “plush to firm” to accommodate and suit all rider preferences.
  3. HCF 737 Pacelite The HCF 737 Pacelite Electric Scooter is a long-lived, well-built scooter. This is one of the few electric scooters that powers up quickly from a full stop, then can take on hills without hesitation. The HCF 737 Pacelite is a great commuter scooter, folding up for easy storage and transport. Given its speed, power, weight and reliability, both the beginner and experienced rider can appreciate its performance. It is a very light scooter – only 59 pounds with the battery, and will easily fit in the trunk of your car. Traveling at a top speed of 15mph, the HCF 737 Electric Scooter will go distances of up to 12 miles on a charge. Adjustable handlebars allow you to customize your ride for maximum comfort. And the removable seat and folding frame lets you take this electric scooter practically anywhere you want. This is one of the few electric scooters that offers full front and rear suspension for a smooth ride no matter what the terrain.
  4. Zapino Electric Scooter ZAP is the acronym for: Zero Air Pollution and they recently introduced their new Zapino electric scooter. Not only economical and eco-friendly, the Zapino is powerful with an advanced 3000-watt brushless DC hub motor, perfect for city commuting. Able to reach speeds of 30 mph, the Zapino will be able to keep up with city traffic without contributing to city pollution. The rear wheel hub motor on the Zapino creates more room on board for additional batteries and performance. This creative drive system eliminates the need for belts or chains lowering it’s overall maintenance. It also delivers a more enjoyable ride because it is practically silent. It accelerates smoothly with no shifting and has no engine vibration – just good, eco-friendly clean fun. There is an optional upgrade, with Lithium batteries, that will boost the range up to a very respectable 65 miles from the 30 miles that come from the standard batteries.
  5. Forsen Hummer The Forsen Hummer is the first compact scooter in the business to offer room for 2 riders. These scooters are made for older teens and adults who want reliable short-to-medium range transportation that is not limited by hills. The Forsen scooter is street legal and complies with USA DOT guidelines (headlight, brake light, and turn signals). The Forsen Hummer is a heavy duty electric scooter capable of traveling at 28-33 mph with a range of 25 miles for a 175-lb. rider. With it’s 1000-watt motor combined with 100-amp controller, this scooter really can handle two riders (total weight of 350 lbs.) with no problem. Range of 25 miles comes via a 24V/40Ah battery supply which is 3-4 times larger than most scooters. Easily handles most off road conditions. Features include full suspension, front disk brake, flat-proof tires, and a fast battery charger (4 hours or less).
  6. eGo Cycle 2 LX The eGO LX is designed for daily commuters and errand runners who will be driving in moderate to heavy traffic. The LX is fully equipped for registration in any state and provides the same range and speed as the eGO Classic. In the GO FAST mode, top speed is 24 mph, electronically limited. Zero to 20 mph in less than 4 seconds. In the “GO FAR” mode, top speed is 17mph, and acceleration is smooth and simple. Using a single battery pack, range is 20-25 miles in the “GO FAR” mode and 15-20 miles in the “GO FAST” mode. The eGO Cycle climbs up hills with ease. It will climb a 15% grade at 18 mph with a 170lb rider. The heart and soul of the eGO is a tough DC motor designed specifically for the eGO Cycle. It’s powerful enough to pull heavy riders up big hills. The soft ride of the eGO cycle 2 is the result of a custom front dual spring suspension fork. The eGO Cycle LX uses a quiet belt drive transmission that requires no lubrication and is nearly silent.
  7. Motorino XPi The Motorino XPi is the next generation bicycle/scooter model. Built on a motorcycle frame, it has motorcycle grade 3.5″ wide wheels which makes it very stable in any weather condition. With the pedals on, it is classified as a bicycle and does not need to be licensed or registered. If you take the pedals off the scooter, it becomes a LSM (low speed motorcycle) and you need to have it licensed and insured. Its motor is uniquely built with oversized rare earth magnets, which increases the torque and efficiency. You can feel this when you start – it accelerates for 5 seconds to 32km/h. The regenerative brake also returns more power in the battery when braking. Its hydraulic front suspension absorbs any vibration and makes the ride very smooth and comfortable.
  8. Numo Cruiser LX Designed for electric enthusiasts and commuters, the Cruiser LX Electric Scooter is a new generation PEV (personal electric vehicle). The Numo Cruiser answers the faultss of today’s electric scooters and sets new standards for scooter performance. Most electric scooters today have two serious flaws: short range and poor hill climbing ability. The Cruiser LX has a maximum range of 30 miles and the motor controller enables the Cruiser LX to climb 20% grade hills! The Cruiser LX features adjustable rear suspension. You can adjust stiffness to suit your comfort level.
  9. iZIP Fusion NuVinci CVP The iZIP Fusion NuVinci CVP Drive electric scooter delivers a totally unique riding experience with it’s incorporation of cutting-edge CVP (continuously variable planetary) technology. The IZIP Fusion NuVinci uses both the patented Currie Electro-Drive system and the NuVinci CVP, leveraging the benefits of both technologies by creating an automatic, multi-gear drive system that will enhance the performance, range and ability to handle hills and higher weights without stalling. The motor is from an Alloy Finned Hi-Torque DC Neodymium Magnet Motor which generates 1000W of power. The Fusion NuVinci has a maximum range of 25 miles. It features three 15Ah valve regulated, exceptional deep discharge recovery rechargeable batteries for a maximum speed of 15 mph.
  10. EVT America Z-20 The EVT Z-20 scooter is powered by a 60-volt 2500-watt brushless hub motor that can zip you along at up to 45 miles per hour for between 40 and 50 miles. The result is a very impressive performance. The motor controller regulates and efficiently administers the electric power that is fed into the motor based on its performance needs and driver requirements. It regulates the speed and torque of the motor while monitoring its performance. The Z-20 is the ideal commuter vehicle to have. Features include: 10 inch wheels (rim) and 3.5 inch wide tires to provide traction and stability, front and rear disc brakes, double front and rear shock absorbers