Tips for Getting Cheap Train Tickets

Tips for Getting Cheap Train Tickets

Train travel remains an important mode of transportation because it offers many benefits when compared to other modes of transport, like flying or driving a car. When you travel by train, you often get the opportunity to see the countryside. This offers an ideal way of viewing the landscape, which is impossible when you are driving a car or flying several thousand feet above. Nevertheless, because of increased petrol prices and rail fares, passengers need to find ways of reducing this burden. Some of the tips for getting cheap train tickets include:

· Book in advance

To get cheap tickets consider booking them 12 weeks in advance. When you miss the 12 weeks deadline, you can still book an advance ticket if they are available. You may consider calling up the station the night before or on your way. Many of the advance tickets are often available up to 6pm, on the day before while others are available later. Some train companies offer email alerts for advance tickets on sale.

· Season tickets

If you make a peak-time journey three or more times in a week, you are more likely to get better value when you purchase a season ticket. When you buy an annual ticket, you can get a free 3 months of travel if you can utilize the ticket the whole year. If you are concerned about a change of job, you can always cancel the ticket. This will give you a refund when you have more than 12 weeks remaining on it.

· Check the offers

Many of the train companies run offers. Therefore, it is advisable to consider signing up to receive emails from your favorite train companies – particularly if you regularly take trains around the country. Furthermore, you may consider signing up with several third party ticket selling sites. This will help you know about upcoming offers at competitive rates.

· Reclaim on delays

You can always get money back in the event of your train being delayed. Therefore, if you are delayed for half an hour or more, the cost of your journey can be reclaimed. This usually comes in the form of travel vouchers that can be used later. Many train companies offer 28 days to make your claim. However, the vouchers can be exchanged for cash at the ticket office.

· Get cash-back

If you travel regularly by train and spend a substantial amount of money on transport. You stand to benefit from buying cards that give you the opportunity to get cash-back on your spending. Some of the cards can give you a $3 cash-back on sales from major petrol stations and underground & national rail. The benefit applies on purchases of £300 a month.