Start Flying RC Model Airplanes

Start Flying RC Model Airplanes

If you are taking up flying for the first time, then it is recommended that you go in for a battery operated model plane. Gasoline powered models require an expert hand and anyway, battery powered planes are quite easy to set up and operate. You will need to buy a model plane with its matching remote control [RC] to enable you to take off, control and land your model plane. You can buy a RTF or a ready to fly plane, which comes with all the required components and instructions. You can assemble the plane by using the instructions provided along with the plane.

These planes are mostly made of tough foam with a plastic layer at the bottom of the plane to prevent the foam from getting damaged during landing or crashing. The RC transmitters will also have various controls such as switches to control the speed, flaps, rudder, aileron and other features of your model plane. It might also have adjustable frequency and special software for your model plane to correctly interpret your transmitter signals. Once you have assembled your model plane, then it is time for a test flight. You can call an experienced friend who has prior flying experience.

That would help you in avoiding costly mistakes and your model plane will be saved from the reduced crashing experience. You can take it to your garden or any other empty plot of land for your first flight. If the ground is smooth, you could take off from there or you can even take off with one person holding the plane and then leaving it gently. Once you get the hang of it, you can then proceed to do some stunts like flying loops, rolls and inverted flight. The joy of learning something new will keep your interest alive in this hobby.

Once you are well versed in flying battery operated model planes, then you can also graduate to gasoline-powered planes. These planes require additional parts such as fuel line filters, fuel tubing, field accessory packs, etc along with nitro airplane fuel and after run oil. Gas powered planes come in 2-stroke and 4-stroke form but the latter is costlier, while the former is cheaper, but noisier. These planes too can be controlled by remote control and their distinct motor sound gives flying a more realistic touch of being in the early 1900’s as compared to an electric motor, which is silent.

So, whichever plane you fly, it is essential that you get familiar with the remote control to enable your model plane to obey your commands and keep crashes to a minimum. Over time you will be able to make your plane perform difficult and death defying stunts without any fear. So, take some action now. Get that RC model airplane and take to the skies with your feet planted firmly on the ground.