IBlast Moki 2 HD

After being saved from Kimo’s evil designs, the Mokis are scattered all over the world and you have to find them and return them to their village with the aide of the magic portals. Having never played the original title, I had no idea what to expect from iBlast Moki 2, so I was surprised to discover a very challenging physics/engineering puzzle game with very addictive gameplay.

The aim of iBlast Moki 2 is to get all the Mokis on the stage to the portal, using only a limited selection of bombs and building materials. The learning curve is well paced with the tutorial built into the game as needed. New elements are added slowly and you’ll need to use all of them in varied and imaginative ways to progress through the game. For added difficulty, there are flowers planted around the levels for you to collect as well, by getting your Mokis to pass over them and if you want to get three stars on every level, you’ll need to collect them and finish the level within a set time.

There are currently four game worlds, each with a specific theme and each has 20 levels to play through with more promised in future updates. For dedicated players there are also 2 bonus worlds to unlock by achieving 3 stars in the first 2 worlds. These only contain 5 levels but they are super challenging. The first few levels are deceptively easy, the forest world shouldn’t take too long to play through, but from there on, the difficulty increases rapidly. There were a few stages I literally spent hours trying to pass. You can view solutions for a stage that other players have found, to see them, you need to spend a Moki coin. These are very rare, unless you want to buy them my advice is to save them for the last world if possible.

The controls can seem a little fiddly, but when placing items, if you look to the top right of screen you’ll see a magnified view of the area you’re working in. It’s a huge help and you’ll need it in later levels when you need to build your own bridges and vehicles. As challenging as the levels are, they aren’t frustrating. An important game mechanic in iBlast Moki 2, is that when you retry a level, everything you placed in your last attempt is exactly where you left it. This means that if something needs tweaking, like a bomb timer or the angle of a beam, you can do so without needing to muck around trying to get things back to the same positions. There’s no penalty for retrying levels, sometimes it’s a good idea to start everything moving before constructing anything just to see how objects behave and which ones move.

Graphically, iBlast Moki 2 is incredibly good. Elements are highly detailed and clear, backgrounds suit the level design and are unobtrusive. Objects react with the environment in believable ways, and the level design is painstakingly thought out. Although with the giant Mokis there is sometimes an odd visual glitch, though this hasn’t been a huge problem. The sounds are very cutesy, but tie in well with the visual themes, and the music is soft and ambient, a relaxing undertone.

When you manage to play through the game levels, if you still want something to do have a look at the level creator. With a little time and patience, you can construct your own diabolical levels and upload them for others to play. Playing the levels other players have designed is quite challenging and some of the level layouts are… Interesting. Everything you need to make a level is here, it can be extremely fiddly placing objects so you will need substantial time to put it together. Before you upload it though, you’ll be required to play it yourself and achieve 3 stars, so your design must be realistic. This is a nice touch, it means there are no impossible levels uploaded. This mode should keep fans occupied between updates.

iBlast Moki 2 is a pleasure to play, a physics title that really sets itself apart from others in the genre. An impressive 80 main levels plus bonus worlds and player creations give this title amazing longevity. iBlast Moki 2 is an incredibly well made app, an easy 5 stars and I’ll be eagerly awaiting the next update.

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