Gift Cards at Conoco Gas Stations

Gift Cards at Conoco Gas Stations

At the Conoco gas stations, you can buy gas or other merchandise. There are many stations that sell grocery items and some have co-branded fast food restaurants inside. You can buy gift cards to give as gifts or keep them for yourself when you are traveling. The gift cards are a nice way to travel and not carry money around. You can get a Conoco gift card, Phillips 76 gift card and a 66 gift card. All gift cards are redeemable at any of these three stations. There are gift cards for businesses and gift cards for drivers.

Gift Cards for Drivers and Business

The gift cards are great for when your kids are going off to college or if you have a birthday present to buy. The cards can be used on anything in the gas stations store. You can get a $250, $100, $50 or $25 gift card. You can use the cards right at the pump just as you would a credit or gas card. The business gift cards are ideal for giving to new customers or for rewarding employees for an outstanding job. You can choose the denomination you want for each card.

Convenience Store

Many Conoco gas stations have a convenience store where you can buy grocery items including dairy products, alcohol, tobacco products and other merchandise. Some of the stations have co-branded fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s, Hardee’s and some even have an Arby’s. More and more stores and stations are teaming with fast food restaurants to provide more for their customers. It is easy to stop for a breakfast, lunch or dinner when you stop to fill up your gas tank. All stations have indoor bathrooms and usually have coffee, cocoa and soft drinks available from the food mart area of the station.

The PROclean Fuel

The gas found at all Conoco gas stations offer PROclean fuel. The gasoline has benefits for your car. It cleans intake valves and fuel injectors, reduces pollutions and emissions, and improves acceleration and power. This gas will also maximize the mileage you get with every day driving. Cars that use the Conoco gas run better and clean. The gas additive is the one that is recommended for all your vehicles. It not only helps your vehicle run better, it is better for the environment. You can find the PROclean fuel at any Conoco station and at Phillips 76 and 66 stations.

If you need a gift idea, Conoco gas stations will have the gift card that can be recharged over and over again. You will help your car by running the gas that cleans as you drive. These stations serve all your needs. Whether you need some groceries, gas or a lunchtime meal, you can get all you need at a Conoco station. You can use their gas cards or credit cards right at the pumps and avoid the walk into the store. The pumps are self-serve with payment options on the pump with a receipt.