Exploring Hawaii on a Budget

Exploring Hawaii on a Budget

Hawaii is a state known for its tropical beauty and romantic setting, but one thing that it is not known for is being an inexpensive vacation choice. Fear not however, for there are still a number of ways you can save money and make the vacation of a lifetime an affordable one too. Here are some tips on exploring Hawaii on a Budget.

Your first consideration aside from airfare will be lodging on the islands. While you have the usual hotel choices, national chains and local favorites, many people are now going for vacation rentals over traditional hotel rooms. Travelers on a budget should note that with the much greater space, increased amenities and flat rental rather than per-person rates, these vacation rentals are the most affordable accommodations. This is particularly true for larger groups and families.

Once you get to Hawaii, always remember to pick up those tourist brochures you find in airports, car rental pickups, hotel lobbies and tourist shops. There are discounts and freebies in these brochures and there’s a good chance more than few of them are going to be for things you’d enjoy seeing.

Another tool that can prove to be really worthwhile is one of those coupon books that you can get from entertainment.com for about $25. The businesses listed are all reputable and well established and the discounts are real. It doesn’t take long to save far more than the book set you back to begin with. It may also be worth looking into the Go Hawaii cards. With those you can buy a certain number of days on whichever island you want for you and the family, then simply go and enjoy anything listed as qualifying on the card, as many times as you’d like for that set number of days. A family of four can save up to $200.00 a day on a pretty big selection of events and activities all over the islands.

Easily some of the most spectacularly things to experience in Hawaii just happen to also be the most affordable. Nature enthusiasts will thrill at the chance to take day hikes into the tropical rainforests or even camping at places like Haleakala National Park on Maui. In many cases the hikes are free or, in the case of camping at Haleakala, for a very small park fee.

If the water is more your style, then head to Hanauma Bay on Oahu. For the meager entrance fee of $5 and the cost of cheap snorkels (or you can rent), you and your family can enjoy the best snorkeling in the islands, all in a gorgeous bay that is in fact an extinct volcano crater.

Finally, before taking off for Hawaii you should head to your favorite bookseller and purchase a budget travel guide on Hawaii. While this article is a good start, a professional guide book can give you a wealth of tips on exploring Hawaii on a budget that I can’t cover here.