Couple Your Dreams to Safe Investing

Couple Your Dreams to Safe Investing

Dreams, our desires for our life, now and tomorrow or even next year are rarely if even considered when talking about safe investing. I mean, what does one have to do with the other?

The other is plenty… more than most people recognize and way more than my 30 something daughter with her dreams of traveling the world.

What if you could go to all the concerts you want? Even if it meant flying across the country, reserving a hotel room, maybe even a car?

What about visiting Rio, yes Rio de Janeiro in Brazil during Mardi Gras week to party, enjoy the parades, floats, music and simply a fantastic time where it’s warm and sunny during our winter?

Maybe your dream is to attend at least two NASCAR races every month. Can you do it and still have dough for investing in the markets?

I could go on and on with all kinds of dreams, all kinds of activities. I mean even hiking every week in Glacier National Park costs money. There is gas money to get to the park, even though I only live 43 minutes away. And of course food costs plus an overnighter will require a back country campground fee. You get the idea. Can it be done and can I or you still have a profitable investment plan.

The answer is not only a resounding YES. But why not use a safe investing tool and plan to help finance and pay the bills for all your dreams? Why not?

You can do it.

It is really a simple 3-Step Dream Plan:

  1. Write those dreams down and estimate their cost per year (or figure out how much you spent the past year on your desires and dreams)
  2. Divide the total cost by the number of paychecks you get – not how much money, but how often you get paid; i.e $1,400 divided by 26 if you get paid every two weeks = $53.84
  3. Start saving and investing this amount from every paycheck. View it as a deposit or pre-payment on you desires and dreams.

If you follow the principles of investing safely and profitably, coupled with a bit of diversification you can easily finance your future activities.

If you save and invest more than just the bare minimum to cover one year’s expenses your account will actually grow so that the profit, the gains will eventually become your dream source and the amount of money you actually put in will remain safe and secure and spin off profits to take you to Rio, to that next concert, lease or buy a sports car or let you walk the beaches of Hawaii.

The choices are yours. Go to one or two concerts a year or a dozen. Put everything on a credit card and then pay interest on top of those charges or enjoy life without worrying about how you are going to pay next week’s bills and wish, wish, wish you could go to Rio or even Key West.