Celebrity and Royal Weddings in Windsor

Celebrity and Royal Weddings in Windsor

Windsor is a town that is popular for hosting some of the most famous weddings in history. The town is perfect to get married. The most prominent location where most of the weddings take place is the Guildhall. Other than this, there are also other popular venues like Oakley Court, Manor Hotel Datchet, Royal Windsor racecourse, The Castle Hotel and also the Taplow Hotel.

All these venues are beautiful and get a lot of bookings. Another reason for the popularity for Windsor as a wedding location is that many royal weddings as well as celebrity weddings have taken place here.

The famous wedding of Prince Charles with Camilla Parker was also held in Windsor. The Guildhall in Windsor was the venue for the event. Besides the Royal family, many celebrities were present for the event and special arrangements were made for security as well as other facilities for the occasion. Many people were really overjoyed by the union of the couple.

The wedding appeared to be taking a little break from the traditions. The bride and groom arrived at the venue in Windsor in a Rolls Royce Phantom, which had been painted in Royal claret livery colour. At the wedding, Prince William and son of Camilla, Tom, were the witnesses. The wedding ring that Prince Charles slipped on the finger of Camilla was crafted from Welsh gold. After the wedding, Camilla became the senior most female with respect to rank after the Queen.

Another Royal Wedding that took place in the town of Windsor was that of Peter Phillips, the oldest grandchild of the Queen. Peter Philips was married to the charming Autumn Kelly who is Canadian. The wedding took place in the Windsor Castle, and it was more of a private affair. Prince Peter Phillips is eleventh in line for the succession of thrones of many countries. These include Britain, Jamaica, New Zealand, Australia and Canada along with many other countries.

Around three hundred people attended the wedding; most of them were from the Royal family. After the hour-long wedding ceremony of the couple, the reception was arranged in the Frogmore House in Windsor, and the couple went there in a horse-drawn carriage. The wedding was a thoroughly modern one.

The famous Sir Elton John recently had a civil partnership ceremony held in Windsor to David Furnish. The venue for the ceremony was Guildhall in Windsor, which was also the venue for the wedding of Prince Charles. The venue is very popular and holds a lot of historic importance for the many ceremonies it has held throughout the history.

The interior of the Guildhall is splendid and elegant and creates a beautiful surrounding for the weddings. You can have the elegant interior enhanced the way you want. The facilities offered in Guildhall as well as other wedding venues in Windsor are great. There is everything from decorators, DJs, and spaciousness to a limousine if you want to rent one for your wedding. The fleet of stairs creates a beautiful aura and allows for beautiful decorations.