Auto Suggestion for Achievement

Auto Suggestion for Achievement

The power of suggestion was proved scientifically.An interesting experiment was narrated by Baron Nils Posse in his famous book, ‘Hypnotism’
The Experiment was carried out by a scientist during Napolean III time. Here a scientist procured a criminal with the consent of Napolean III to find out the relationship between the body and the mind.The criminal was sentenced to death by law but handed over to the scientist to carry out his experiment.The criminal thought that his death was certain.The scientist informed the man that he was going to open his carotid artery.The criminal was made to understand that his blood would be taken out by bleeding him to death on a particular day. On the fixed date the scientist had the criminal tied to a table with his eyes blind folded.His ears were however left free so that he could hear anything.In that state the scientist took a needle and made a slight scratch on the neck of the criminal and so arranged a small water tap which was dropping water into a vessel that stood underneath.Silence prevailed all round. The criminal heard the water dropping sound from the tap and since he was blind folded, he believed that the sound was by his own blood flowing away from his body.He was left in that condition.He died within six minutes. Only a slight scratch was given and in fact not even a drop of blood came out his body, but yet he died because he believed that his own blood was flowing out by hearing the tilting sound of the water tap. He strongly believed that his death was inevitable and so he died. Such is the relationship between mind and body. What is believed or thought in the mind is actually effected in the body.
The abvoe experiment very well explains the power of suggestion. By using suggestion one could overcome his/her ailments and problems.

Emile coue the authority on auto suggestion writes,”The repetition of the same words will force you to think think them and when you think them they become true for you and transform themselves into reality.”

Everyday in the morning we have to repeat the curative suggestion for about fifteen mintues. In the night just belfore going to sleep this may be repeated again for fifteen mintues for better benefits.

Coue composed a suggestion in French language since he was a French man. This was translated in Englhish by Orton. The general formula to serve all purposes is as under: “Day by day in every way I am getting better and better.”

Whoever repeats this everyday will get immense benefits.
The mysterious power of suggestion will be explained further in future in this series.