8 Things to Know When Using Chauffeur Services

8 Things to Know When Using Chauffeur Services

Chauffeur companies are starting to see an increase in demand for a variety of reasons. They are appreciated for providing a high-quality service that is combined with great punctuality, privacy and convenience. However, the process of hiring this type of car is more involved than using an Uber or hiring a taxi. Let’s take a look at eight of the top things to look at when hiring a chauffeur:

Customer reference

One of the first things to do before making a booking is to check the company’s credibility. This is easily achieved by looking at online reviews or getting feedback from past customers. Additionally, the actual company may be in a position to show a few references from some of their regular customers.


Most of the chauffeur companies will aim to offer 100% punctuality to ensure they are constantly on time to pick up their clients. They mostly rely on a booking system to help manage the precise movement and availability of their fleet of vehicles.

Qualified drivers

The drivers are all well experienced and highly qualified. Beyond the ability to have a decent understanding of the local area, they will be selected based on behaviour and attitude. Also, they are likely to receive regular tests and training related to things like safety regulations and customer service.

High-end vehicles

The majority of the vehicles offered by the chauffeur companies will include the latest models of a series of luxury models. A few of the popular choices include the BMW 7 Series or the Mercedes V-Class, S-Class or E-Class. The V-Class is a spacious minivan and practical for those travelling with a lot of luggage.

Great flexibility

The chauffeur companies that have been in business for a while are likely to be willing to give a decent amount of flexibility in regards to the service offered. This may relate to things like last-minute bookings, unplanned return journey, or extended waiting times.

Add-on services

The extra services offered are likely to vary among the chauffeur companies. Most will include the basics like up-to-date newspapers and magazines to give something to do while travelling. Free Wi-Fi and drinks can be included. Certain extras are often only available on request. This may relate to something like having a chilled bottle of champagne ready to drink. A child seat can be provided for those travelling with a young family. Additionally, for the first-time travellers to a city, the driver can provide a local travel guide that highlights the top attractions.

Plan the route

Many of chauffeur companies will accept a route planned by the client. This can include exact details of the route to take or simply to ask for the driver to pass certain locations or attractions. In most cases, it will benefit to let the driver plan the best route because they will have in-depth knowledge about driving in a particular area.

Extra support

Many of the experienced drivers are in a position to give extra support and guidance. They have the knowledge to help with things like the best places to visit in the city, where to eat, or help search for a particular address. Additionally, for the business travellers, there is often an upgrade option to give a VIP style service that can be tailored to their specific needs.