4 Qualities To Look For When Choosing The Right Pressure Washer For Your Business

4 Qualities To Look For When Choosing The Right Pressure Washer For Your Business

A pressure washer is a necessity in different types of businesses due to its ability to refresh and rejuvenate the surface, as well as its ability to clean some of the most soiled surfaces. There are different degrees of pressure that can be used on specific surfaces and, frequently, pressure washing is used as an alternative to replacing hard surfaces. Overall, removing grease, chipped paint, being able to clean deep into cracks and crevices, and improving overall cleaning performance makes purchasing the right pressure washer worthwhile.

As for how to choose the right pressure washer, there are a number of elements to look for in order to ensure the best quality is acquired. Those are:

– Industrial pressure washers are used on average of 1,000 to 2,000 hours per year, so it is important to have the highest quality possible. Industrial washers contain brass pump heads and they operate on electric, diesel, or petrol. How it is powered may determine what you wish to buy. For instance, diesel engine powered systems tend to outlast those powered by petrol, but petrol may require less maintenance.

– Hot water or cold water? Cold water is effective for cleaning a variety of surfaces, especially when combined with different soaps and cleaning chemicals. If grease and oil are not factors, cold water works best. A hot water pressure washer is ideal for petrochemicals, oil, and grease. Hot water does tend to make cleaning faster despite what material is soiling the surface. Heat can loosen stubborn grime under normal cleaning methods.

– Pressure and flow are of utmost importance. While pressure is good for the cleaning aspect, flow is important for rinsing off horizontal surfaces. When cleaning vertical surfaces or there is an excess water problem, a high PSI unit with low flow can usually solve the problem. The opposite is true when cleaning horizontal surfaces and an excess water problem does not exist.

– Know the difference between belt drive and direct drive. Belt drive connects the motor with the high pressure pump and minimizes wear and tear through the dissipation of heat and vibration. Direct drive is the more commonly used type in that the pump is coupled to the engine, which makes the pump spin very fast.

It is difficult to choose a pressure washer based upon performance alone because everyone needs something different. Unique applications require unique features, which is why there are hot and cold options, varying degrees of PSI and flow, different fuel types, and belt drive and direct drive. By assessing your needs and comparing those needs to the capabilities of different pressure washers, the best one can be found.