Travel to Singapore and Never Get Lost

Travel to Singapore and Never Get Lost

Any tourist travelling to Singapore for the first time can easily get lost in its labyrinth of high-rise buildings and interconnected roads. In this article you will learn more about Singapore and how to travel around this beautiful country without getting lost.

Known for its shopping haven and delightful wide-ranging local cuisine, this garden city was handpicked by the British colonialists for its excellent geographic position since it is smack bang right in the middle of the Malay archipelago – yet sheltered from strong winds and waves by the Indonesian islands. Singapore broke away from the clutches of colonialism in 1957 and separated from its neighbouring peninsula Malaysia, soon after in 1965 to become an independent nation.

Steeped with historic political turmoil in the early days, Singapore has grown into a strong and stable country known for its tough laws and cleanliness. Being a small city-state covering 707.1 km2 (273.0 sq mi) of land, you can actually travel from one end of the city to the other in a matter of hours. This is a proof of good city planning and excellent public transport system.

While travelling to Singapore is easy with many airlines touching down in its world-class airport, travelling within the country can be an interesting experience for someone making their maiden trip. For one thing, you are spoilt for choices. For such a small country, whose existence in the world map is marked by a dot, Singapore has 7 taxi companies with some 24,000 cabs patrolling the island at any given time. The robust train network, the nostalgic trishaw rides, the leisurely boat trips and so many ways to tour this small dot of a country will ensure that you will reach your destination in any fashion you choose.

Here is the different transportation available for you when you travel to Singapore:

Duck tours

How would you like to travel the roads and rivers of Singapore? Hop on the amphibious duck tour that combines a bus and a boat. You will tour the busy streets and glide onto the water for a river cruise.

River cruise

Take a leisurely, relaxing boat ride down the Singapore River. Savour the sights of several historic monuments including the old Post Office, the Parliament House, Victoria Theatre, symbolic statues of the Merlion and Raffles, the Esplanade and the row of colourful shop houses lining the riverbanks.


Trishaws were a common sight in the early days of Singapore with Chinese coolies hauling large, wooden trishaws across the bustling city. As Singapore grew busier and more hectic, Singaporeans chose other faster and more efficient forms of transportation leaving trishaw rides a faint memory of the past. Relive this nostalgic ride by hiring trishaw riders to cycle you down the busy city streets of Singapore. If you do not have a tour guide to hire one for you, be prepared to haggle over the fare.


Close your eyes and flag a bus; chances are the bus will take you to a bus interchange attached to a train station with a shopping mall nearby. This small island is so well connected that it is impossible for you to get lost when you travel around Singapore.

Mass Rapid Transport (MRT)

Singaporeans use the MRT trains to travel anywhere in the island. In fact, you can catch a train from the Changi Airport to the city or residential areas.

Rental cars

If you are thinking of cruising in a rented car, you need to have an International Driving License and a valid passport. Renting a car is a good way to tour at your own pace especially if you enjoy club-hopping till the wee hours of the morning.


Alternatively, hailing or dialling for a cab is one of the best options. The drivers are usually honest and efficient in their service. If you do come across a taxi driver who refuses to use the meter and charges you an exorbitant price, just dial the police of Singapore Tourism Board to lodge a report since touting is illegal in Singapore.

With so many options to tour around Singapore, you can travel to any part of the island in a short time. Discover the unique features and attractions of a small yet strong nation as well as its reliable and excellent public transport system.