Tesla: Free Energy

Our current energy crisis can be solved and some of the solutions have been around for more than a century. One man saw the need for clean and abundant energy, his name was Nikola Tesla. He was born in the Austro-Hungarian empire, in a village called Similian in Croatia and came to the United States in 1884 to materialize his inventions. In the US Tesla managed to find the solution that made possible the usage of electricity by anyone in their home. The dispute between Edison and Tesla regarding the transportation of electrical energy was eventually won by Tesla. He argued that the usage of alternative current for the transportation of electrical energy was much more efficient than using the continuous current, as Edison wanted. Tesla did not stop there and made further research on the wireless transmission of energy and the usage of solar power to accelerate the progress of humanity. He believed that the sun is what’s keeping our planet alive and that is why he argued that the solution to our ever growing need for energy is to control solar power. Here is how he described the advancement in this particular area, in an article published in the Century Magazine: “Using energy stored in wood and coal or generally speaking, fuel, led to the development of the steam engine. The next giant step in energy transmission was made by using electricity, which allowed the transport of energy from one place to another without transporting the material itself. But in terms of environmental energy, no radical steps forward have been made”. After analyzing different energy sources such as wind, the heat that comes from water or the earth, solar power, lightning power, Tesla came to the conclusion that these methods have their limitations. The future that he imagined over a century ago was still possible:

“It is possible, even probable to access other energy sources that are unknown to us at the moment. It is even possible to use magnetism or gravity to power cars without the use of other means”

He continued his research by imagining a flying disc powered by cancelling the force of gravity, an idea that would be studied by all the great scientific minds of the world for tens of years and even today. More than that Tesla imagined a thermal engine that uses the heat from the surrounding environment. The direct usage of solar energy also preoccupied him allot. “There is also the possibility, although unlikely, to obtain energy directly from the sun. Other sources of energy might be discovered, even new ways to use solar energy, but none of these can compare to the importance of transmitting solar energy at any distance wirelessly. It would be the best way to increase the force that accelerates human mass”, said Tesla about the importance of his discoveries made at Colorado Spring. The Colorado Spring Experiment Tesla established his laboratory in 1899 in Colorado Springs, near Pikes Peak, hoping to make his dream come true: the wireless transmission of electrical energy through the ground or through the atmosphere. He kept a journal of everything he did in his laboratory fearing that his lab would be destroyed like in New York. He was ecstatic when his enormous oscillator actually produced artificial lightning that was one hundred times more powerful than the spark he had previously obtained in his New York lab. During a violent storm in Colorado, Tesla made one of him most remarkable discoveries:

“I was observing the stationary waves… As impossible as it may seem, this planet, despite its vastness, acts like a normal, small conductor. The amazing importance of this fact for my energy transmission system became very clear in my mind. Not only can it be used to transmit telegraph signals wirelessly at any distance, as I said a long time ago, but also to propagate the modulations of the human voice on the entire globe. Even more so, the transmission of electrical power in unlimited quantities, at any distance and without losses,” noted Tesla in his journal. His 9 month work in Colorado Spring is still sketchy. We know that he was able to transmit large quantities of electrical energy, wirelessly, through electromagnetic waves. There is information that he actually managed to transmit a signal at a distance of several miles. Another thing that Tesla tried was to transmit energy through the ionosphere, at 80 km above the ground. Tesla believed that this part of the atmosphere is conductive, which proved to correct, but he lacked the technical means to transmit the energy at this altitude. There are ways to utilize the energy that surrounds us and Tesla’s ideas can help us obtain alternative sources of energy that could one day set us free from the ones that pollute our planet and that could very well poison us all in a matter of years.