Popular Cars From Merceds Benz

Popular Cars From Merceds Benz

If you like luxury cars then there is no doubt that you’ve heard of Mercedes Benz. The brand is the most well known luxury cars and has been manufactured since the 50’s. Competitors in the prestige market include BMW, Audi, Porsche and Jaguar. Most people assume all Mercedes cars are expensive but that isn’t the case. The entry level S-Class is relatively affordable while the upper level S-Class is one of the finest and most expensive vehicles in the large luxury sedan market. Here are some of their most popular cars.

The C-Class is Mercedes entry-level vehicle. It’s a bit smaller than the E-Class in terms of size and interior space and also less powerful. However, it’s relatively affordable with prices in the low $30k range and therefore perfect for a recent college graduate or someone who wants a taste of luxury without having to spend a fortune.

Next we have the mid-level E-Class sedan. T. The base model is equipped with a V6 3.5 Liter engine with 268 hp and 258 lb feet of torque. Handling is quick and nimble despite the vehicle’s large size. The interior is tastefully and elegantly appointed. There is 15.9 cubic feet of storage space available.

One of the top of the line models in the Mercedes lineup is the S-Class. The S550 engine is a V8 with the 382 HP while the S600 is equipped with an ultra-powerful V12 cylinder. Interior amenities include leather seats, an ultra-spacious interior and walnut trim. MSRP starts at around $93k for the base model.

Next we have the CLS model; it’s a higher trim level than the E-class but it appeals to a different type of buyer than the S-Class; it’s younger and a bit more fun. Standard features include a navigation system, Bluetooth compatibility and a state-of-the-art premium sound system. The CLS starts at around seventy thousand dollars for the base model.

One of the most dramatic and expensive cars in the Mercedes lineup is the SLR Mcaren; this car is on par with exotic vehicles like the Ferrari and comes with the price tag to match. The McLaren is no longer produced; the last year of production was 2009. The V8 engine outputs 517 hp.

If you want a car that has a younger and sportier image then the CLS would be a good bet. If you are on a budget and don’t want to spend too much then consider the entry-level C-Class. The E-class offers more room and would be ideal for a small family that needs plenty of passenger space. No matter what kind of lifestyle you have, there is a Mercedes out there that is just right for you!