Message From Universe: The Best Things in Life Are FREE

Message From Universe: The Best Things in Life Are FREE

“The secret to getting rich is knowing that you already are and acting like it.

Do tell me, who manages your assets? And those gems! Are they real?

See you in Cannes,
The Universe”

It’s not just a feeling, it’s also a belief. You need to believe that it will all work the way you anticipated or predicted. Put up some pictures of homes you would love to purchase, or exotic cars you would dream to you see your hands wrapped around the steering wheels. How about the Lamborghini Aventador or Ferrari F40 or Bugatti Veyron? Seems pretty appealing right? Even though you can’t really take advantage of their full speed potential (speeding tickets galore), they look pretty good parked as well in your 8 cars garage. How do you feel now? Feels pretty darn amazing. All of this is possible if you really focus your energy into acting like it is happening and getting the chills that you are getting closer everyday to this incredible feeling of success. The most amazing part with all this is that you control the outcome of your feelings and belief. Many have self-worth or self esteem issues that their mind do not allow them to think wealth and success. They constantly put themselves down even before anyone else does. They do not give themselves credit for any of their accomplishments, which in return, create sense of doubt that they can do anything positive in their lives.

This process of thinking HAS to stop. NOW! You can let your own mind create these feeling of uncertainties and doubts. You can think whatever you want (it’s FREE), dream as much as you want (it’s FREE) and reach any or all of your goals as you possibly can. The world is yours.(With great powers comes great responsibilities)

Do whatever you want with it. You can control every aspect of your life. Do not wait for the perfect moment, or the perfect timing for all of the planets to align the right way for you to take action. Just look at Microsoft Operating System. Whenever they launch a new OS (Window 98, XP, Vista, Millennium, Windows 7, Windows 8), they all come with tons of glitches, issues, and they know all that. Do you think they wait for them to fix all of them prior to launching? Absolutely not. They market the OS as is and then deal with the numerous amount of calls for support and deal with fixing issues. But do you know the purpose of all that? Free TESTING on your part. You are buying the OS for 300 dollars, and offering FREE testing to all technical support so they can make a better product. Instead of Microsoft hiring tech people from India at 4 dollars per day, they can use American citizens for FREE and have them test the malfunctioning operating system. You feel like you are getting FREE support from Microsoft but the reality is that they are getting FREE testing from you PLUS having you to PAY them for that testing. So who are the winners here? You be the judge.