Mercedes-Benz EQE Is the Electric E-Class With a Hyperscreen

Mercedes-Benz EQE Is the Electric E-Class With a Hyperscreen

The Mercedes-Benz EQE is one of the greatest electric alternatives to the regular gas and diesel-based Benzes that keep on climbing up the ladder of popularity. In this article, we are going to talk about the new EQE, which is the electric E-class vehicle. It will make its debut at the most awaited IAA auto show. It will be organized in Munich, Germany in 2021. Earlier, the event used to take place in frankfurt. Let’s find out what this vehicle has to offer.

Just like this EQC was an electric SUV of GLC-Class-sized, and the next EQS was an S-Class sedan, the new model is going to be the midsize luxury in the EQ family. Unlike the EQC, it shares some features with the EQS. In other words, the EQE sits on the dedicated electric platform of Benz.

As far as the interior and exterior of EQ is concerned, we only have some darkened teaser images of the vehicle. The full specifications are still to be released by the maker. However, it is quite clear that the manufacture wants to establish a relationship between this vehicle and the earlier EQS.

So, if you take a look at the roofline and flowing profile of EQE, you will find that it looks like it extends from the nose tip to the tail end. Therefore, we can say that the small sedan is going to share a lot of similarities with the EQS that has a modern pod look.

So far, what we can understand is that the EQE will feature more prominent fender bulges on the front and rear. Plus, the tail may come with full-width lighting for a great experience.

The interior of the EQE is much more appealing than the exterior. The interior of the new vehicle is almost the same as the interior of the EQS. It looks like it is the scaled-down version of the full-width dashboard of Hyperscreen.

According to many industry experts, this appealing piece is going to be optional on the new EQE. It was optional on the earlier model EQS as well. Moreover, if the new EV features the same 12-inch instrument panel and 17.7-inch screen, it may leave less black surrounding to reduce the “giant screen” effect found in Mercedes.

The EQS is large enough that it still has some space between the trio of hyper-screen displays. The piano Black Glass panel tends to go from one door to another. The digital gauge cluster creates a blend into the main display. Then it blends into the passenger screen, which is even more convincing.

We expect that the EQE will have two variants: the dual-motor variant and the single-motor variant. So you can choose one based on your personal preferences. Some people like rear-wheel-drive while others like all-wheel drive.

We still don’t know anything about the battery size just like other features. Therefore, if you want to know more about the specification, you need to stay tuned until September when they will present EQE in Munich.