Get Your Own Harry Potter LEGO Set

Get Your Own Harry Potter LEGO Set

When some of us were kids, we were simply fascinated by those colorful building blocks that would let us use our imagination until we could come up with the perfect house, castle, bridge or even character. Even today, LEGO is extremely popular amongst children because it is a great way for them to have fun and use their imagination to see what they can come up with. If a mistake is made, tear the creation apart and start all over again. It is that simple! However, LEGO has evolved in quite a different manner and today you sometimes get just the right pieces to build just one particular thing.

Since Harry Potter has become a very popular character even amongst children, LEGO took advantage of this popularity, bringing yet another collectible set of items related to the famous teenage wizard. The Harry Potter LEGO sets promise to bring children the ultimate LEGO fun as they try to recreate famous scenes from both books and movies using the pieces given by each set. For example, children are able to recreate the Quidditch scene where Harry and other characters search for the Snitch in the most popular game ever seen in this movie. Make sure Harry finds the Golden Snitch before Draco Malfoy does, we all know how the latter is a master champion at bragging about his victories!

Another one of the utterly famous Harry Potter LEGO sets is the one where children must recreate the scene with Dementors surrounding Hogwarts castle. Together with Dumbledore, Harry must face Voldemort, trying to save Hogwarts from pure evil. The interior of the castle is recreated in amazing details and you can even see the Restricted Section of Hogwarts library or the Gryffindor and Slytherin common rooms reproduced at a smaller scale.

I’m sure that all Harry Potter children fans were fascinated by the red Hogwarts Express (kids are fans of choo-choo trains, aren’t they?) and they will most likely love the 4841 Hogwarts Express LEGO set, where they have to recreate the scene when Harry and Ron take the blue flying car in order to catch up with the already-departed train. Remember Harry’s door opening and poor Harry hanging on tight not to fall as Ron tries to steer the car? Both the train and car are presented in great details and inside the train, kids will be delighted to discover Draco Luna and Ginny.

Prices vary depending on the number of blocks found in each set and the complexity of the puzzle. Children will be thriller to decorate their rooms with cool and colorful scene from what is believed to be the most amazing movie about magic ever! Harry Potter LEGO sets make an amazing Christmas gift and with the number of sets available out there, you could also cover name days, birthdays and every other possible give-a-present day that you can ever think of. Fun is guaranteed and the result is a great decoration offering high details related to Harry Potter and his amazing adventures.