Devising an Economic Development Plan – Clean Industry Recruitment Considered

Devising an Economic Development Plan – Clean Industry Recruitment Considered

Many cities in America are changing in demographics and business mix. The more change, the more chaos that ensues. Throw in an economic recession, banking crisis and housing catastrophe and you have the perfect storm. But what can a city do to prevent the ship from sinking? Lots of things, let me explain.

First, a city must assess where it is and where it wants to go. A city needs sales tax revenue and jobs to survive. Thus, it needs a proper mix of businesses and industry. If it does not have the proper mix, it must recruit them. So, let’s talk a little bit about that shall we?

What types of businesses should be potential target companies to call upon or recruit. Perhaps you might make a list and then have other business leaders and strategic planners read it over and think about it, add more too it, or consider which ones to delete.

One thinking is that you want to attract higher paying jobs to the area, the same types of folks that are BMW buyers? I think their ideal customer makes 60K to 120K per year or more. It would pay to have members of the recruitment team that have a real estate and construction background, as they are probably already thinking there.

When consulting for a local city in my area, I came up with some Potential Target Companies to call upon and-or recruit. Take a look at this list and see if it gives you ideas to get started with?

Clean Technologies to Recruit

Water Filtration Technologies (UCR has graduate studies in this)
Bio Fuels (UCR has graduate studies in this, SunBus has needs and grants)
Internet Social Networking Companies for Commercial Uses
Franchising Companies HQs
Online Media
Financial Services HQs
GIS Firms
CPA Auditing Firms
Entertainment, Movie Making Companies
Architectural Firms, Downtown Revitalization Consultants
Law firm that specialize in suing only Lawyers
Software Companies
Video Game Design

Light Manufacturing Technologies to Recruit

Discreet Prototyping and Manufacturing
Aircraft Composite Kits, Very light jets
Avionics Equipment
Wind Turbine Components
Solar Components
Race Car Parts
GPS Tech
Military Tech
Golf Equipment
Advanced Weapon Systems

R and D Technologies to Recruit

Flying Car R & D
Carbon Nano Tube and Advanced Materials Tech
Stem Cell and BioTech
Wind Turbine Design
Solar Technology
CAD CAM Design Services
Food Safety Technology Research
Agricultural Research
Transportation Tech
Industrial Lasers