Airport Car Parking Pre-Book to Save Time and Money

Airport Car Parking Pre-Book to Save Time and Money

Parking at airports can be very confusing for novice travelers. To make this booking of your car parking easy and cost effective, I have discussed some ideas so you can make your upcoming business trip hassle free.

Car parking at airports can be of different types depending on the time period. If you have to drop off or pick some one from airport you can use Drop Off Zones of airports. Parking duration at drop off zones is very limited and it normally is upto 60 minutes. Charges at this parking zone of airports are very high. If you are willing to park your car at airport for more than one hour then you can use short stay parking areas. These are less expensive and you can park here upto 6 hours. These short stay parking areas are normally made multi stories so it can accommodate large no of vehicles.

Long stay area is the next option for people who want to park their vehicles for longer duration. On most of the airports in UK more than one long stay parking opportunities are available. Here you can park your car for several days even upto 15 days. To avoid any problem of parking space, best advice is to pre-book your parking space. In addition special facility of dedicated bays is available on almost all airports for disabled drivers. Some of these airports do offer free parking for disabled drivers.

In addition to these above discussed parking options, another option for cheap airport parking is to select off-site parking areas or valet parking away from the airport. These off-site parking areas normally exist near the airport and use their shuttle bus services to pick and drop people on airport from their parking centers.

Meet and greet parking is the most hassle free parking option for business personals. You just call your parking company and arrange a time to meet. On the day to fly you just drive you car to airport and hand over you car keys at the meeting point. He will take your car to secure parking point and will bring it back when you return from your trip. This is the most expensive type of car parking but it is the worry free parking and saves a lot of time.

Most of the parking companies require you to leave your car keys while you leave so they can move your car if needed. While some companies make a secured car parking while you check-in. Apart from these on-site and off-site airport parking options one thing that is necessary to save precious time and money is to pre-book your parking place so you ensure a hassle free departure and arrival.